Our Tartan

The Glengarry Highland Games is honoured to present its own distinctive tartan, the Glengarry Highland Games tartan.


The Glengarry Highland Games tartan was created as a special millennium project. Working with the late Don Smith of Heraldic Graphics in Glasgow, the Glengarry Highland Games Tartan Committee (the late Connie Blaney, the late Margaret Arkinstall, and the late Margery Stewart) came up with a striking design. This design is composed mainly of the red and blue colours of our logo with the addition of green, black and white. A hand woven sample of the tartan was first made by a firm in Newton, North Carolina. This sample was sent to the Scottish Tartan Society in Pitlochry, Scotland to be Officially Registered. Following the registration on November 6th, 1999, Strathmore Woolen Co. in Forfar, Scotland was commissioned to weave the new tartan. In early April 2000, the tartan was completed.

Since it’s formation in 1960, The Glengarry Pipe Band has had a close relationship with the Glengarry Highland Games. It is with great pride that they wear our Tartan and represent the Games and the County of Glengarry at many functions and competitions in North America and Scotland.

The Tartan was made and registered for the exclusive use of the Glengarry Highland Games. The Executive, the Directors and the pipe band can be recognized wearing the tartan in the form of kilts, vests and sashes. Men’s ties, ladies scarves and sashes in the tartan are the only items sold to the public. If you wish to purchase any of these items please contact us at secretary@glengarryhighlandgames.com