The Tattoo and Concert Hit the Right Notes at the Games

The temperatures are soaring, the skies are sunny, and summer just keeps getting better. All are signs that the Glengarry Highland Games are right around the corner. Across North America, plans are being made for travel to Maxville on August 3 & 4th for the 71st edition of this premier highland event. With all of the hard work of the Games committees to prepare, everyone will be pleased with this year’s lineup of events and attractions.

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Last Week for Early Bird Tickets

The 2018 Glengarry Highland Games are approaching quickly and we are now in the last week of Early Bird sales. On July 1, 2018 admission prices will increase by $2.00 per day to $25.00, and Up The Glens Kilt Run registration will increase by $5.00 to $50.00. Grandstand seats are still available for both Friday and Saturday. You can purchase your admission and grandstand tickets from our website today and be ready for the Games!

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'Where is Glengarry Scot?' March and April 2018 Contest Results

We have two months of "Where’s Glengarry Scot?" photos to show you this month. Our Glengarry Highland Games logo seems to be popping up everywhere around the world. Keep up the good work everyone and keep sending us your photos. We will accept photos for the last round until May 22 so everyone can take some great long weekend shots wearing the Games t-shirt. Let’s give this last set of photo the theme of Celebrating Spring.
Now, here are our winners…

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Buy your tickets for the 2018 Glengarry Highland Games!

We’re now less than 3 months away from the 71st Glengarry Highland Games and tickets are available!

This year we’ve moved to using Eventbrite to sell many of our tickets. When you purchase through Eventbrite you will receive your tickets by email. You can also follow the link in the email you receive after your purchase to download the Eventbrite app to have all your tickets on your smartphone.

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Download the 2017 Souvenir Program today!

Today is the Glengarry Highland Games Golf Tournament. Tomorrow is the Tartan Ball. If you are not attending either of those events what can we do to help get you in the Games spirit? How about giving everyone early access to our souvenir program?

This year we have a downloadable version of the 2017 Souvenir Program. It is available immediately for only $1.00.

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Do you know how to pronounce piobaireachd?

Piob (Peeb) means Pipe; Piobaire (Peebair) means Piper; and Piobaireachd (Peeb-air-och - 3 syllables) means pipe/playing pipe music. Many people simplify the pronunciation by saying "Peebrock”. Though more accurately titled Ceol Mor (Cowal More) meaning Big (or Great) Music, the classical music of the Great Highland Bagpipe is commonly referred to as Piobaireachd.

The Glengarry Highland Games will host the Piobaireachd Society Gold Medal (Canada) Contest on Friday, August 4, 2017.

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