Additional Saturday Grandstand Seats Available This Weekend

Due to the technical issues we experienced the sales period for legacy grandstand tickets was extended until Friday, May 17. As a result, Saturday Grandstand sales will temporarily go offline Friday evening so the unclaimed tickets can be released and made available for purchase.

These additional tickets will be available for purchase on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 9:00 AM.

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As the Saturday evening sun glistened on the pipes and drums of 1449 pipers and drummers playing Scotland the Brave to the overflowing and enthusiastic crowd, the 2018 Glengarry Highland Games came to a close. With the last notes fading on the air, the crowd cheered not only for the bands’ breathtaking performance but also for the memory of another wonderful Games and celebration of all things Scottish.

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Festival, Fair and Fun All Rolled Into One 

All over Glengarry the spare rooms are being aired, the welcome mats are out and everyone is getting ready to welcome friends and family home for another edition of the Glengarry Highland Games on August 3 & 4 in Maxville, Ontario. Christmas might be missed, Thanksgiving can be given a pass but thousands each year make sure they are home for the Games this weekend. Competitors from across Canada and the United States are already on their way with Maxville their destination and a winning medal their goal. 

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