Whisky Tasting

Sit back in our air conditioned room and enjoy each dram.


Brian McQueenie from OuiDram Whisky Tastings will take you thru a full range of 6 tastings featuring the GlenGrant 12 YO and 18 YO single malts. They will be compared to a great line-up including the GlenScotia Double Cask, Tomintoul Peaty Tang, GlenGarioch 1995 and Tamdhu Batch Strength.

The 2018 Tastings provide a bit of a change of pace from previous years with a variety of fantastic expressions for both the connoisseur and first-time sampler alike.

Brian will provide an excellent appreciation and understanding of the industry and will instruct participants on how to nose and taste the whiskies at each tasting. He will discuss the various distilling regions and present interesting stories surrounding each of the single malts.

Light fare will accompany the whiskies during the tastings.

Participants must be 19 years of age or older.

Seats are $40 (plus HST and Eventbrite fees) and can be reserved below.

Tasting Schedule