2018 Guest of Honour

The Glengarry Highland Games are proud to announce that the 2018 Guest of Honour will be Captain Robert (Bob) Pearson.


Thirty-five years ago this summer, Canada had its own Miracle on the Hudson when Captain Robert (Bob) Pearson brought his Air Canada Boeing 767 to a safe landing in Gimli, Manitoba. On July 23, 1983 on what was to be a routine flight from Montreal to Edmonton, the plane’s engines shut down 41,000 feet over Manitoba half way through the trip. Due to the change in Canada to metric measurement that year and a computer glitch, there had been confusion in filling the fuel tanks and the jet had run out of fuel. Pearson and his First Officer Maurice Quintal were forced to switch to manual controls as the plane plummeted downwards at 2000 feet per minute.

Thanks to Pearson’s gliding experience, he was able to float the 80 tonne jumbo jet and its 69 passengers and 8 crew down onto a decommissioned Air Force runway in Gimli, Manitoba to the shock and surprise of people using the site for dragstrip racing. Incredibly everyone walked away unharmed.

See Official Ceremonies for the complete story.