'Where is Glengarry Scot?' March 2017 Photo Contest Results

The winning photo entry for March is from Jon and Suzanne Rioch.

My wife Suzanne and I ski throughout the winter in Northern NY. We first attended the games a few years ago and now make it an annual affair that we look forward to every year. It seemed only natural to try skiing in our Farquharson tartan and Highland Games t-shirt. We bring a wee bit of color to the slopes!

The sun is out, milder weather is here, so that means we're in the last month of this year's contest. There have been so many great entries. Thank you to everyone who has participated!

Get your photos submitted to us for the April round by Monday, May 8, 2017. Afterwards we will select an entry from all submissions to win the grand prize of two Bronze Patron Passes to the 2017 Glengarry Highland Games! For details on how to enter see our earlier post.

All other entries for March were very close so no clear runner up but all great photos of good times!