Grade 4 Band Requirements

On Saturday, October 8, 2016, the PPBSO’s Board of Directors met to discuss the grade 4 band musical requirements. On the recommendation of the Music Committee, the Board has approved a change to these requirements. Starting with the 2017 competitive season, the grade 4 mini-MSR will be replaced with a March Medley.

As in previous years, the contest requirements in grade 4 will alternate from contest to contest in a given year. At any given contest, grade 4 bands will be required to play either one of medley of 3 to 5 minutes duration or one march medley of tunes, played in quick time, of 2 minutes 45 seconds to 4 minutes 30 seconds duration.

NOTE: In 2017, the grade 4 contest requirement for Maxville will be a medley, 3 - 5 minutes in duration, and a minimum of 4 different tune types.