Hospitality Venues

The Glengarry Highland Games offers hospitality venues throughout the event weekend where you can get caught up with family and friends, or make new friends, while enjoying musical entertainment.


New visitors can refer to our grounds map if you need help finding any of those locations. When you are on the grounds feel free to ask any Games volunteer you see for help.

The Entertainment page has the details on what musical entertainment you can find in these venues over the course of the weekend.


The Tent

The largest of our venues it offers plenty of space for dancing and socializing. Can’t find someone in there? Each tent pole has the name of a place familiar to locals - text your friends your location.

Metcalfe Centre

Along with entertainment and air conditioning, this venue also has tables and chairs if you’re looking for somewhere to sit and relax.

The Pipers’ Pub

This outdoor tent venue geared towards pipers and drummers and can be found near the Grade One Circle.

The Patrons’ Patio and Tent

On Saturday of the event weekend Glengarry Highland Games Patrons get their own tent and patio with plenty of tables and chairs. The perfect location for families and friends to gather and be surrounded by the sights and sounds of North America’s premier highland games!


  • Drink tokens can be purchased at any hospitality venue by anyone of legal drinking age for $7.00 each.

  • Each beer or mixed drink costs 1 token.

  • There is a $10.00 admission fee to access The Tent on Friday night. A wristband is provided upon paying this fee at the booth outside the tent before entering.

  • Only Patrons have access to The Patrons’ Patio and Tent on Saturday of the event weekend. See our Patrons page for details on how to join this program.