Scottish Fiddling is a full two days at the Games


This year’s Scottish Fiddling guests at the Glengarry Highland Games will be two local youth groups, The MacLeod Fiddlers & The Students Of David MacPhee. Both groups are well known in the area and both have just released new Cd’s this year. The weekend starts with the “Youth Fiddlers’ Showcase” on Friday afternoon in the air-conditioned Arena Hall. The show starts at 2:00 pm and will feature youth fiddlers from the Glengarry area and more. During this time there will be performances by this year's special guests. The afternoon will conclude with a performance by the Glengarry Massed Fiddlers at 5:30 pm as they warm-up before taking to the main stage where they will perform at 6:30 pm as part of the Friday night Tattoo.

Scottish fiddling will continue on Saturday morning in the Arena Hall with a mix of fiddle workshops & mini concerts from 9:30am till 11:30am with our two special guest youth groups. They will be teaching and performing tunes from their new recordings. The ever popular Glengarry Massed Fiddlers will open & close the Saturday afternoon concert which starts at 1:30pm also featuring The MacLeod Fiddlers & The Students Of David MacPhee.  Come and enjoy the traditional music of Glengarry and beyond with local and visiting individual and group fiddlers, but get there early as it is a full house all afternoon.


Fiddle Events You Won’t Want to Miss

Time Event Location
Friday 2:00pm - 5:00pm Youth Fiddlers' Showcase featuring The MacLeod Fiddlers & The Students Of David MacPhee Arena Hall
Friday 5:30pm - 6:00pm Glengarry Massed Fiddlers Arena Hall
Friday 6:30pm Glengarry Massed Fiddlers Infield Stage Tattoo
Saturday 9:30am - 11:30am Fiddle Workshops & Mini Concerts with The MacLeod Fiddlers & The Students Of David MacPhee Arena Hall
Saturday 1:30pm-5:00pm Scottish Fiddle Concert featuring The MacLeod Fiddlers, The Students Of David MacPhee, the Glengarry Massed Fiddlers & many other groups & individuals Arena Hall
The MacLeod Fiddlers.JPG

The MacLeod Fiddlers

The MacLeod Fiddlers are a Scottish youth group from the county of Glengarry, a hot bed of Celtic  culture in Ontario, Canada. They are the performance group for “The MacLeod School of Fiddling” which focuses on the teaching, promotion and preservation of the Glengarry Fiddle. This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of the school of music.

As well as performing throughout Eastern Ontario, they have travelled three times to Canada’s East Coast where they have performed at the “Festival of Cape Breton Fiddling”. In the USA they have performed at the Loon Mountain Highland Games in Lincoln, New Hampshire and the Scottish Festival in Dundee, New York. For thirteen years in a row they have performed at the Greater Philadelphia Mid-winter Scottish & Irish Festival. In July of 2012 they did a successful two week tour of Scotland. They have recorded three CD's which include “Ceilidh Time” in 2005 and Glengarry Roots” in 2010 and just newly released this year “Passion For Fiddling”.

The group will be performing all weekend starting with the cocktail hour at Tartan Ball on Thursday evening. On Friday in the Clan Tent, Youth Fiddlers Showcase & Tattoo. On Saturday in the Clan Tent, Fiddle Workshop & Mini Concert & the afternoon Scottish Fiddle Concert. They are under the direction of teacher & instructor Ian R. MacLeod



The Students Of David MacPhee

The students of David MacPhee come from many different backgrounds ranging from decendants of the first settlers here to recent arrivals, all bound by a common love of our local musical culture. They are generous with their time and talents, performing at many community functions throughout the year, either as soloists, a group or as part of a larger group. They have recorded a Cd this year titled”Tunes From Auld Glengarry”.

The group will be performing Friday during the Youth Fiddlers Showcase. On Saturday at the Fiddlers Workshop & Mini Concert & the afternoon Scottish Fiddle Concert.

The Students Of David MacPhee.jpg

The Glengarry Massed Fiddlers

For many years, one of the popular features at the Glengarry Highland Games is the music of the Glengarry Massed Fiddlers. This group varies from about 50 to as many as 80 musicians who gladly come out to practices so they can play each year at the Games and other events. Their appearance on stage Friday night as part of the pre-Games Tattoo is very popular with the crowd. The Fiddlers are also a big draw on Saturday as they open & close the Saturday afternoon Scottish Fiddle Concert in the Arena Hall usually to a standing ovation. The musicians who make up this group range in age from about 11 to 80+ and their skills range from beginners to veterans. They play because they love the music and enjoy entertaining. When the Glengarry Celtic Music Hall of Fame put out a call to sponsor a Glengarry Fiddlers’ CD in early 2015, seventy-four musicians showed up to participate and the CD was released later that summer. Most of the musicians are from the greater Glengarry area and throughout Eastern Ontario. The new CD is available at all the fiddle events in the Arena Hall Games weekend.

If you are interested in participating with The Glengarry Massed Fiddlers at The Glengarry Highland Games go to The Glengarry Celtic Music Hall Of Fame website for tune sets & practices.

For more information on all Scottish Fiddle events please contact Ian R. MacLeod at