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Stewart's Glen

Stewarts Glen is the make up of 4 local musicians. Although they have played together many times, each in their own right works individually and with other groups. But when the occasion arises, these four take pleasure in the opportunity to make music together.

Paddy Kelly plays fiddle and guitar, along with bodhran and penny whistle on occasion. After growing up in Ottawa, his first “professional” group was the Descendants, (not related to the current Irish Descendants). In 1982, he joined a group called the Brigadoons, a Scottish group from Glengarry County and continues to perform with them today. He currently resides in Glengarry County, Ontario, and continues to entertain crowds for all occasions.

Paddy has also had the privilege of being inducted to the Glengarry Celtic Music Hall of Fame in May of 2007.

Paddy Maher plays several instruments, which include guitar, bass and Irish bouzouki. He has played in a variety of groups – country to blues to rock – but always returns to his Irish roots. In the late 80’s and early 90’s he played as a member of the Ottawa based trio, Brandy N’Port. He also continues to play with a local group from Wakefeild called Junction 105 and often works with the well known Ian Tamblyn, Bobby Watt and Brian Doubledam.

Together, Paddy Kelly and Pat Maher make up a local duo known as The 2 Paddy's. Starting out in 1999, they have become a popular duo in celtic music. Both musicians are versatile, both vocally and instrumentally.

Ashley MacLeod. Very often we have the privilege of playing with Ashley MacLeod. Originally from Dalkeith Ontario, she began playing fiddle and piano at the age of 10 and won many awards throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

As an individual artist and performer, she is often requested to play with several groups and has toured throughout Canada, Europe and the U.S. Notably with such groups as the Simon Fraser University and Ottawa Police pipe bands, The Paperboys, Seven Nations, Hadrians Wall, The Brigadoons and The 2 Paddy's, to mention just a few. During this time she also had the honour of playing at the world famous Carnegie Hall in New York.

Chris Honegger rounds out the group on drums. Chris played with The Rockwells for 20 years, along with Tangled Up In Bob (a Bob Dylan Tribute Band), The Synics and Junction 105. In 1999, he tried his hands in the celtic scene playing with the Two Paddys andmore recently with Stewarts Glen

Each member brings their dynamic and heartfelt talents to the stage that presents a great combination of Scottish, Irish and Canadian folk music that everyone can enjoy. Together they become Stewarts Glen!

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